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On 12/24/15 we attempted to purchase a $15 gift card. Teavana's ststem shut down after I swiped my card.

We were told it didn't go through and she had to reboot the system. After waiting approximately 25 minutes for the reboot our gift card was rung up. We also had a seperate transaction for a pitcher with infuser. Come to find out in January, Teavana charged us twice for the one gift card.

I took a copy of my bank state to and the receipt to the Modesto, CA Teavaba store. Gina was very helpful and copied to me the email she was instructed to send to corporate, as they could do nothing at store level. This was on 1/08/16. I called Teavana corporate to check status.

The person who emailed about the situation was out of office. I called again on 1/19/16 and was told they had no way to reach or message the person handling this. All I asked for was my $15 overcharge back. She put me on hold, came back and said, "There is nothing we can do for you." I said so you have effectively stolen $15 from me and have no intention of returning it?

Even though I have provided proof? She asked if the bank statement said in exact words that Teavana overcharged me? I was dumbfounded. What kind of question is that?It only could have been asked with the thought in mind that I will never see my $15 again.

Then she said they had only just received it that day. This, I informed her was a lie, as the store manager copied to me the email she sent the same day she sent it to corporate as required. She instantly got an attitude with a tone and told me to dispute it with my bank. Repeatedly.

As if on a dare. As if I'll ever get the money back. I told her you want to make me fight for my money your company stole? Again she said there is nothing we can do for you.

I hung up, livid. I called Starbucks and got a supervisor who listened to the situation, apologized for the occurance, and added $25 to the repurchased gift card. This pitcher and gift card was one of our sons Christmas gifts.

After the outrageousness of Teavana's corporate rudeness, lack of checking into the overcharge, and downright theft of a customers money, we gladly will no longer be shopping at Teavana. Kudos to the supervisor at Starbucks who did what he could to rectify this situation.

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