My boyfriend and I went to Florida mall to possibly get some matcha tea. I asked the sales girl if she had any.

She pointed to it and continued on with her business, not another customer. I told my boyfriend the tea was expensive and I could get it on line for cheaper. She rudely started "then just to do it." My boyfriend attempted to speak to her about her attitude, she mumbled some curse words under her breath and went to the back room. We asked the other sales girl for the manager, she said that was their assistant manager and the manager would be in later.

Moments later the rude girl came out said something to the other sales girl about leaving and not putting up with anything. As she walked past my boyfriend and I she said " have a great day you f##king c#nts." The other customers and the other sales girl heard her clearly. Very low class. We waited to speak to the manager but she never arrived.

Later we called to speak to her and they said she'd be back tomorrow.

Complaint made to corporate office. Didn't end up buying anything there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Teavana Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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